Wild Edible And Medicinal Plant Hike

Saturday October 6th

Meeting Location: Broadview Subway Station Parkette


Wild Ones Wilderness is proud to present another Wild Edible And Medicinal Plant Hike! We will be teaching a wide variety of edible and medicinal plants that could save your life in a survival situation, or even just improve your day to day life as a forager.

We will be meeting at Broadview Subway Station Parkette and will be taking a free shuttle to our trail head on Mud Creek

This is a basic level course so even if you have little to no experience you are welcome to get a great start in the foraging world! If you do have experience you may still learn some new things and brushing up never hurts! Either way with all the treats of summer and the beautiful weather it should prove to be a great time!

Note: Bring a notepad and pen and dress for the weather. A camera is a good idea and as always bring water.
This hike COST is 30$ per person.

For details on meeting locations or anything else you can contact Terry Terron at 6476878559, Or Izzy Brownlee at 4168867215 Happy Trails Folks

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Chatsworth-Blythwood-Sherwood Park Ravine Hike

Saturday September 29th

Meeting Location:Lawrence Subway Station (Young Line)


Hey folks! Wild Ones Wilderness is going on another hike on Saturday September 29th. We are meeting at 12:00pm at Lawrence subway station and will be hiking down the Chatsworth, Blythwood and Sherwood Ravine.With the warm weather and lush vegetation it should prove to be a great hike!

We teach wild edible and medicinal plants, flora and fauna identification, wilderness survival tips, trail etiquette, biodiversity and ecological impact, local and aboriginal history(where applies), and much more!

You can contact Terry at 6476878559 or Izzy at 4168867215 for confirmation, questions and details. Hope to see as many of you as possible, and happy trails!

-We suggest to bring pants and sturdy footwear.
-Dress for the weather
-As always, bring a small lunch/snack and hydration

(Minimum 10$ Donation Suggested)
(all proceeds go back into the program)

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