Wild Ones wilderness

Wilderness Adventure & Outdoor Education

Saturday, August 26th

Location: Gates Gully Bluffs Hike

​Meeting at : 12:30pm @ Kennedy Subway Station


(all proceeds go back into the program)

Hey folks! Wild Ones Wilderness is going on another hike on Saturday August 26th. Where we are meeting is at Kennedy Subway Station at 12;30pm and will be taking bus to the trail head at Guildwood Pkwy and Galloway Rd, and we will be hiking along the Gates Gully Bluffs. With the summer weather it should prove to be a great time!

We teach wild edible and medicinal plants, flora and fauna identification, wilderness survival tips, trail etiquette, biodiversity and ecological impact, local and aboriginal history(where applies), and much more!

You can contact Izzy Brownlee at 6476878559 or Doug at 6478233109 for confirmation and details. Hope to see as many of you as possible, and happy trails!.

-We suggest to bring pants and sturdy footwear.
-In summer weather we also suggest bug spray of your choice
-As always, bring water :)

Here are our upcoming adventures! Feel free to contact us to sign up or for any inquiries.

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